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"I had thought I might be 'too stiff' for yoga, but coming to Kim's classes has helped my arthritis and made me feel more like my self again!  Kim's teaching is very thorough and she explains different ways of managing each pose to suit all abilities. The lessons are very well planned.  Each one includes movement for the whole body, but there is a different emphasis each week so that we can learn about something in more detail.  I always look forward to the Relaxation session at the end of the class and come away feeling thoroughly refreshed.  Kim's lessons have given me the techniques and the inspiration to practice yoga daily at home.  It feels a healthier, happier way to live.  Thank you"

"Kim's yoga classes are a perfect combination for me - she combines a varied, flowing practice with her welcoming, positive and non-judgemental approach and warm manner, thereby creating a very calming atmosphere.  Our weekly practice follows the monthly cycles of the moon as well as the yearly seasons and in summer we take advantage of the evening setting sun and move outside onto the grass.  Kim encourages 'ahimsa' inviting us to 'be kind to ourselves' and adopt the asanas at a level to suit us as individuals, invariably recommending an alternative for anyone needing to avoid a particular movement.  She skilfully manages to convey some of the philosophical and spiritual underpinnings of yoga in a very accessible way, respectfully allowing for the differences between people in the group.  A weekly email from Kim means we can prepare in advance for each week's class by reading a description of the week's focus.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have such an uplifting yoga class just a walk away from my home"

FM Sheepscombe

"I look forward to Kim's class on a monday night.  I'm a runner and I really feel the benefits.  Not only does it keep me supple but her spirit and personality helps to calm me.  I sleep like a log after her class"

"In 40 years of yoga practice, Kim shines as an outstanding teacher.  Her classes are accessible, varied, stimulating and well planned, with a flowing rhythm.  Insightful pointers lead to adjustment and improvement in postures.  A calm voice and caring attitude help to foster a most valuable experience.  Thank you Kim.  Maggie Sibley"

"Kim is a very professional and knowledgeable yoga teacher, classes are a fabulous mixture of relaxation, stretching and breathing exercises, a must for the stressful lives we lead.  Attending Kim's classes regularly bring a sense of harmony and balance to my life.  I would very much recommend Kim's teaching approach and classes to all"

I started yoga with Kim Brockett a little over a year ago, as someone who generally loves an idea but is short on the follow up, I am amazed to find myself looking forward to the class each week now - it is the combination of Kim's excellent teaching - effective, quiet and respectful together with the wonderful atmosphere she brings into the class that has us all hooked!  No one class is the same as the next and each class is very informative and interesting.  I had a private lesson or two for a specific health issue which as invaluble.  i would have no hesitation in recommending Kim's classes to anyone - they're great and so very enjoyable!

Mrs M from Painswick

"I have been doing yoga over the course of nearly 20 years and with a number of different teachers.  In Kim, I have finally found the teacher I want to stay with - she is experienced, knowledgeable, non-dogmatic, patient, spiritual and practical, in a word: Wonderful"

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